Bluet Blueberry Sparkling Wine

Maine Wild Blueberry Sparkling Wine

Thoreau called wild blueberries “bluets” and wrote of their innocent ambrosial taste, as if made of the ether itself. Bluet wild blueberry sparkling wine captures summer in Maine with the purity of a single ingredient: native Maine wild blueberries. Fermented and bottled in the Méthode Champenoise tradition, Bluet is naturally bubbly, dry, and can be served as an apéritif or mixed in a cocktail.

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A Barn Cellar in Jefferson, Maine

Bluet is made in the fieldstone cellar of the 1820s barn at Damariscotta Lake Farm. Toward the east end of the barn, the cellar is cave-like from the raised ledge underneath; this is where we lay bottles of Bluet down for tirage. Come springin a stable above the cellar, we disgorge, cork, muzzle and label the bottles for summer release.

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Méthode Champenoise

Bluet is made from the single ingredient of fresh hand-harvested wild Maine blueberries fermented in the days following harvest. The young wine rests through winter in the barn cellar prior to spring tirage bottling in which each bottle is capped with a dose of sugar and yeast. Following this second fermentation and the capturing of effervescence native to each bottle, the wine is disgorged à la volée and the yeast is expelled before corking and muzzling for summer release.


Where wild blueberries grow

The native Maine blueberry grows wild on thin granitic soils from mid-coast to Down East Maine. Appearing in dense thickets in clearings, the short bushes yield berries that are much smaller than the fruit of the hybridized highbush blueberries. These tiny berries possess a deep blue color from extraordinarily high concentrations of anthocyanins, known to act as powerful anti-oxidants.

Michael & Eric

Michael Terrien and Eric Martin grew up together in Maine. They headed west after college and teamed up making wine in Napa for back-to-back harvests. Eric became a novelist and moved to North Carolina, while Michael continued making wine in California, and every summer they’d meet in Maine. Bluet was born of these four decades of friendship, a lifelong habit of making things together, and their love of good food, good drink and the State of Maine.

Serving Bluet

Apéritif or Cocktail

A chilled glass of Bluet makes a fine dry apéritif on its own but as the foundation of a sparkling cocktail, Bluet has an affinity for a variety of ingredients. Try Bluet with a splash of triple sec over crushed ice and a sprig of mint, or give it an old-fashioned treatment with rye whiskey, simple syrup and bitters. If you can get your hands on some mead, pour over ice, squash a lemon and float Bluet on top for a perfect peak-of-summer drink.

Seeing Blue

Photos from BLUET harvest 2015

Food and Wine Bluet
Ray Isle ~ Food & Wine

“I like its crispness, the low alcohol level, and the intense blueberry character it offers without sweetness. Seems like an ideal summer possibility for drinking by the water in Maine, actually, which is where I am every August. I think Bluet would also be a great aperitif/cocktail hour drink.” read on…

Meredith Goad ~ Portland Press Herald

“Blueberry season is almost upon us, and if you love blueberries as much as we do, here’s an idea: Toast the season with a glass of wild blueberry sparkling wine. That’s wild blueberry champagne, for those of us who don’t want to go around using the legally correct (but quite a mouthful) term Méthode Champenoise all the time.”read on…

Kathleen Pierce ~ Bangor Daily News

“Every wine reflects the people and place where it is made. From the barrens up in Appleton Ridge where the blueberries were harvested, from the barn here that dates back to the 1800s, the molecules from the environment are in the wine” read on…

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